(17th May 2006 -- Legislative Assembly Chamber)

Thiru D. Sudarssanam -- (Pro-tem Speaker)


After every General Election, the House will be constituted. The newly elected members are deemed to have assumed charge as Members of Legislative Assembly only after making or subscribing the oath or affirmation. Under Article 188 of the Constitution of India every member of Legislative Assembly is required to make or subscribe the oath or affirmation before the Governor or some person appointed by him in that behalf. Under Clause (1) of Article 180 of the Constitution of India, the Governor of Tamil Nadu will appoint the senior most member among the newly elected, as the Speaker Pro-tem to  perform the above duty and the duties of the Speaker of the Legislative Assembly till a new Speaker is elected.  The Speaker Pro-tem will make or subscribe the oath or affirmation before the Governor.

On the first day of the first Session the newly elected Member will take the oath before the Speaker Pro-tem.  The order of oath taking will be the Chief Minister, other Ministers, Leader of Opposition, Leaders of Parties (Parties recognised by the Election Commission), Former Speaker, Former Chief Minister, Former Ministers, Former Leader of Opposition, former Deputy Speaker, Chief Government Whip and other Members as per the list of their names in 'Tamil' alphabetical order.

If any member fails to subscribe the oath on the first day of the meeting he can make the same on any day at the Assembly Chamber, if the House is in session or before the Pro-tem Speaker / Speaker / Deputy Speaker at their respective Chambers.

(The pictures of taking of oath by members can be viewed selectively with the alphabetical list of their names on the left or in sequence using the arrows at the bottom of the pictures)